Performance Art Statement

I want to talk about voice painting….This is about the reflection of my voice when
I sing and paint at the same time….. In fact It is about a kind of communication
between singing and painting.

 This relation to me means a sort of meditation also focusing on brushes action
 through painting.

When I sing ( It doesn’t matter what I sing ) , the voice that I hear from my mouth 
directs me automatically to move the brush on the canvas. To me it is like a
private concert at my studio….I enjoy doing  that.

This as a magical moment to me …Actually I imagine flying through the space
without any limitation ….

 As a performance art what you see is a voice that naturally comes out through
 the mouth and the abstraction that comes out through the hands. This is kind of 
 action painting ….and to me is kind of making relax and think of nothing….

Available performance videos on Youtube :